Parent Teacher Association

All parents of children at Cheddington School are members of our PTA. We have a committee of at least 9 parents who take the lead in organising fundraising events and schemes throughout the year, but we are very fortunate in having the support of many other people who help us raise money for our school in a wide variety of ways.

  • We run a Christmas fair and Summer fete, school discos and sell hot dogs for lunch once a month
  • We run the school uniform shop twice each term, selling a variety of uniform items including sweatshirts, the new reversible fleece, PE kit and book bags.
  • We are big into recycling and raise money by recycling mobile phones, printer cartridges, and clothes. 
  • For online shoppers, the school will benefit if you log on to first and see if the shop you are buying from is there. It wont cost you a penny but the school does benefit.        

The PTA also supports the school in many other ways. We provide refreshments at various productions and sports days, and we are delighted to present our leavers each year with a dictionary as a memento of their time at Cheddington.     

Further information can be obtained from any of the members of the PTA:

Tammy Eeley (Chair), Diane Lewthwaite (Treasurer), Lynne Forster (Secretary), Nyree Kavanagh, Faye Sladden, Maria Worthington, Sam McIntosh, Sally Darvell, Rhea Scott, Naomi O’Dwyer, Jo-Anne Marshall, Stuart Maxwell & Laura McGillycuddy

Where does the raised money go?

We have paid for recorders for every child in Year 3, library furniture, a new computer system for the library books and role play toys for Reception class in recent years.

We have met our target of helping the school to update the IT Suite, providing new workstations and server keeping the facility up to date for the benefit of the children.

Moving forward we are working with Mrs Tamlyn and the staff to provide each year group with some additional funding to supplement their budget in order to enhance their resources as they wish.  For the benefit of the whole school, children and parents alike, we are also working to provide new seating for the hall.