Meet the Staff

"An excellent school. All staff are friendly and really care about every pupil. A superb setting for such a good community school."

Teaching Staff 

Headteacher: Mrs Tamlyn



Teacher: Mrs Laidlaw and Mrs Lowe

Higher Teaching Assistant: Mrs Davies

Teaching assistant: Mrs Wright

Year 1

Teacher: Miss Bateman

Deputy Head Teacher: Mrs White

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Wright and Mrs Chidley

Higher Teaching Assistant: Mrs C. Craft

Year 2

Teacher: Mrs Hopper

Additional Cover: Mrs Hughes

Higher Teaching Assistant: Mrs Lowery

Year 3

Teachers: Miss Pughe

Additional Cover: Mrs Hughes

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Hazelden and Miss Smart

 Year 4

Teacher: Mrs Rushton

Higher Teaching Assistant: Mrs Webber

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Price

Year 5

Teachers: Mrs Williams and Mrs Rogers

Higher Teaching Assistant: Mrs Kingswell

Year 6

Teacher: Mrs van de Linde

Deputy Head Teacher: Mrs White

Teaching Assistant:  Mrs L. Craft


Staff working across the school

Library Managers: Mrs Mandry

ELSAs: Mrs Mandry and Mrs Lowery

Mr Willimont


SEN Coordinator

Miss Anais Bateman


School Office

Mrs Alison Hamper - Business Manager

Mrs Kirsty Dance - Administration Officer



Mr Simon Frankum


Lunchtime Supervisors

Liz Bandy

Jane Curran

Rebecca Hazelden

Becky Knight

Jayne Lanca

Kirstie Lowery

Kristi Smart