Catch-up Funding

The Government have allocated Catch-up Funding to all schools in order to enable areas of learning insecurity exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic to be addressed.
Funding of approximately £17,000 is expected by the school; as of the end of November we have received £4000.
Following our recent assessments, we have invested in additional new materials to support the reading and comprehension skills of the children, as the data showed this to be an area in which a significant number of children had not made the progress which could have been expected since lockdown began. A further investment has been made in targeted mathematics support resources to address key areas of learning insecurity for a number of children.
As of beginning of December 2020 the school has invested £1560 on resources as outlined above. Our Reception class had additional support to settle in at the start of the term as a significant proportion of the class had not been in any setting since March 2020. (Circa £500)
Our current plans for the remainder of the funding include the recruitment for two terms of a part-time classroom support assistant (circa £5,000); additional teaching time for specific groups of children (circa £6000) and further resources to be determined by the outcomes of the end of Autumn term testing in order to secure the learning for all children.