Our School Day

The children experience a school week of 33 hours and 20 minutes, with each day on site being six hours and forty minutes long as follows:

.  The School day starts at 8:35am for all children.

• All children have break-time from 11:00am – 11:15am.

KS1 children are offered fruit or vegetables through the 'Fruit for Schools' scheme. KS2 children may also have a snack. Since we are a Healthy School, and have a Government responsibility to help educate the children in healthy life choices, break-time snacks should be fresh or dried fruit or vegetables only.

• Lunch is in two sittings: KS1 and Y3 from 12:15pm - 12:50pm; and KS2 from 12:50pm - 1:15pm. Lunchtime ends at 1:15pm. For the first part of the Autumn term, Reception children may go to lunch early to allow them more time to eat.

The mid-day supervisors encourage the children to make a good attempt at eating their packed lunch, as some children would prefer to eat very little in order to have more play-time!  The children sit in mixed-age groups to engender a family atmosphere at lunch-time. Please offer a balanced lunch for your child, which may include a chocolate covered biscuit or bar.

•   The School day finishes for all children at 3:15pm.