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We are aware that there are a number of online learning platforms available which were offering a range of activities to support children and their families during the time of 'Learning from Home'. Having researched these resources, the senior leadership team feel that although these tasks follow curriculum guidelines, they may not necessarily follow the curriculum that we have tailored for the children of Cheddington School. Therefore should you wish to access these platforms, please find the link below, however there continues to be no expectation for your child to have accessed and completed the work set out.


BBC Bitesize

Oak National Academy


The school made you aware of many 'paid for' websites which allowed access free during the period of lockdown and we shared the link below. Please read the conditions of each website carefully as they may now require payment as restrictions are being lifted. 


'Money Saving Expert': Free resources during Lockdown


Please find below a further list of websites that you may find useful in engaging your children with their natural love of learning. Please also remember that the websites below are suggestions only and there is no expectation for the children to have visited these websites.


English: - Free e-books and activities to explore by age group.

MC Grammar - A fun way to learn complicated English Language terms. This website combines cleverly written music and grammar...

Elsa Support - A website offering a selection of challenges to help inspire the children to use creative thought.



Family Maths Toolkit - Some fun maths games and activities organised by age group.

Numberblocks - Videos and activities for numerical development designed for children aged 0-6.



STEM - Teach Engineering - Some fantastic experiments for children to explore a variety of science fundamentals.

Scratch Online - Practise computer coding skills with Scratch Online - STEM based activities for families to do at home.


Arts: -If you’re looking for new creative challenges or inspiration for the children (or even yourself!) click on the link to take part in Obsidian Art’s new weekly art challenge. 

Project ideas - Curriculum based project ideas from Hobbycraft.



Duolingo - Why not try to learn a language? There are plenty on offer here.


Getting physical:

Yorkshire Sport Foundation - Charitable foundation aimed at giving support to parents and children to bring P.E. home. Links to YouTube films created by P.E. teachers focusing on aims from the National Curriculum.

Boogie Beebies - Videos to get younger children up and dancing with CBeebies presenters.

Disney 10 minute shakeups - 10 minute videos based on Disney films aimed at getting children up and moving.


'One-stop shop':  

Blue Peter - Earn yourself a badge! - Blue Peter have released 8 badges for children to apply for. All the details and links are on this website. - A free resource to access Science, Maths and English activities. - A website with a range of Maths and English (including phonics) games to play. - An educational resource covering a range of activities across the curriculum. Including EYFS, KS1 and KS2.


World exploration:

WWF - The World Wildlife Fund has some fabulous activities that can be completed at home to explore our natural world. - Try this online game whereby you are shown a street view image of somewhere in the world and you have to guess where it is. It is a free to play game, though you will have to create an account. Excellent for UKS2/KS2.


Virtual tours: - The National Gallery in London has some wonderful pieces of art that can be seen in this virtual tour.


Neuschwanstein Castle (Bavaria, Germany) - Fairytale Castle rumoured to be Walt Disney's inspiration for the classic tale of Cinderella. You can also have a look inside each room of the castle here.


The Science Museum  (London, UK) - You could browse the entire collection of the British Science Museum here. From the science of historical London to cutting edge medicine and aeronautics, you can find something interesting to see!


Monterey Bay Aquarium (California, America) Monterey Bay Aquarium - You can visit the Aquarium and become immersed in one of 10 live cameras.


The Louvre (Paris, France) The Louvre - Visit some of the galleries of one of the most iconic Art Galleries of all time.


The Acropolis (Athens, Greece) The Acropolis - Visit the ancient citadel with a virtual tour as well as some explanations of the fascinating history.


Camp Nou (Barcelona, Spain) Camp Nou - An iconic stadium for football lovers everywhere. Here is a virtual reality tour of FC Barcelona's home ground.


Machu Picchu (Peru, South America) Machu Picchu - Take a virtual tour of the ancient Incan citadel and one of the New Seven Wonders of the World.


The Roman Baths (Bath, England) The Roman Baths - Explore some of the many rooms at the iconic Roman Baths as well as take a tour of some of the museum exhibitions.


The Globe Theatre (London, England) The Globe - Take an interactive tour with photos, video clips and audio wonder to guide you through Shakespeare's The Globe Theatre.


Stonehenge (Wiltshire, England) Stonehenge - Take a tour from inside the monument and select hotspots to find out more about them.




We would  also like to support you in these unsettling times by sharing this link to a child friendly explanation of Coronavirus.

Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Explained