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Through a planned coherent curriculum in French pupils will become curious about the wider world and the place of foreign languages within it. They will have opportunities to develop an understanding of both written and spoken language and have experience of learning about the culture, customs and traditions of France. Studying French should provide pupils with the foundation for learning other languages in the future.

To do this they will have opportunities to understand and respond to spoken language, increasing their confidence in speaking and communicating in a foreign language with improved accuracy of their pronunciation. They are able to study and develop an interest in a range of writing in French and be given opportunities to write for different purposes and different audiences, using the grammatical structures that they have learnt.

At KS2 they learn this through the study of numbers, colours, greetings, songs, giving personal details, festivals, food and drink, instructions, time, parts of the body, animals, weather, family, travel, hobbies, leisure and places. Within each topic pupils have opportunities to learn French grammar including understanding of masculine and feminine, agreement of adjectives, connectives and French verbs. At the end of KS2 at Cheddington School, the intention is that each pupil will have enjoyed learning French and know a sufficient amount for them to have a solid foundation in the target language. They will have also experienced a taster session of other European languages. The result of all of this means they will transition with linguistic confidence to KS3 at secondary school.