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Through a planned coherent curriculum in history pupils will become historically curious with an understanding of chronology, change, historical interpretation and enquiry. Children will acquire and demonstrate a real understanding about how the world today is shaped by the past, actively seeking answers to their questions using primary and secondary sources of historical information. Pupils will know about significant dates, people, events and changes that took place for the periods and civilisatins studied and be able to explain the legacies that are evident around us today, including those that shaped our local environment. To do this they will experience making links between events, places and people across time; making comparisons between different periods and the reasons for the changes; using artefacts and sources to inform their questions about the past; and by learning to follow a line of enquiry from a number of sources.

At KS1 they learn this through study of toys, technology and transport over time; the lives of Christopher Columbus, Neil Armstrong, Charles Darwin, Florence Nightingale and Beatrix Potter; canal life; WW1 and WW2; and the Rothschild Family in our local area.

At KS2 they learn this through developing knowledge of the wider world and its influence into Britain and the local area. They study Ancient Egypt; British History sequentially from the Stone Age to the Vikings; a local history study; the Industrial revolution; Ancient Greece and its influence on Democracy; and the Maya civilization as a contrast to the British experience.